Interior Concrete Panels


Concrete Panels for inside Design

Our interior concrete panel wall cladding can by use on both residential and commercial projects. We are working very closely with our clients (and architects) through the samples process selecting possible panel sizes, colour, and texture to suites the project and also installation methods to assure safety throughout installation and best possible results for construction.

Our concrete panels have superior strength so can be used internally or externally for both commercial or domestic projects.

We work closely with our clients and the architects, to assure that our concrete panels (and also installation method) are optimal each project.

The BREEAM A+ rating is a rating scheme for construction materials developed to achieve a Green Building.

Contexture internal concrete cladding panels are made from GRC (Glass Reinforce Concrete) with an additional 2 layers of fibreglass mats which give our concrete superior strength and flexibility at the same time. The end result is a wall panel that can be painted in numerous colours. This is made possible by using pre-designed 3D printing technology which has made possible the ability to create moulds and pattern to suit any project or specification. Our panels are sealed in the factory using a sealant option to suit the individual project.

There is virtually no limit to the shape or profile that can be created in a variety of smooth, profiled or textural finishes with our precast concrete panels.

Moulds can be created to replicate the most complex of profiles in restoration, renovation and new constructions. Specially designed textured finish creates a spectacular effect when applied to a wall. Powder coating can be applied for texture and a variety of colours. Plastic coating or film can be applied to walls for appearance and/or UV protection.


Bespoke Sizes for Custom Designs

Our concrete panels can be used as external or internal concrete cladding, with almost no limitation in size.

We are offering cladding panels from as little as 6mm thickness for internal use; and up to 30 mm for external cladding depending on the application.

Concrete Panels also can be painted for either internal or external appearance purposes to look like wood, metal, natural stone, 3d wall panels or any other desired effect. Concrete panels that are intended for internal use or appearance must have several things. 1. Strong Secure bonding technology 2. Sub-floor withstood all-natural and man-made elements 3. Heat Resistant coating 4. Surfaces that is free of all harmful chemicals. Get in touch with us now to see how we can design and install your first custom concrete panels.

All our concrete cladding panels are tested for impact, strength and fire, receiving only the highest possible result in each respective category, including A1 fire ratings.

Concrete panels can be used for interior design or as internal cladding, and can also be used as a ceiling and also partitioning material. Our website contains a great deal of information about our concrete products, and ideas for concrete interior design.

Interior Concrete Cladding Projects

OUR Projects
Concrete Stairs

Mixed concrete cladding styles

MIX project – internal cladding : please see (below) some examples of our internal concrete cladding projects.

Concrete Wall Panels

Liverpool Shop: Concrete Wall Panels

Concrete Benches

Glasgow shop fit-out: Concrete benches and flower planters

Glasgow shop fit out, benches and wall cladding’ : a recently completed project for one of our regular clients, involved concrete wall cladding, concrete planters, …

Internal Concrete Cladding

Underground station

Our concrete cladding was used to great effect for this new underground station. The design gives the illusion of making the station seem larger and …

Concrete Steps & Landing

Concrete Wall Panels

Battersea Penthouse: Concrete Wall Panels

The client wanted a modern look which was easy maintenance, so opted for concrete wall panels throughout the penthouse. The result was a clean, stylish …

Concrete display for commercial use

Shop Fit-out London: Concrete Panel Walls & Desks

Cool and contemporary concrete internal cladding project for a flagship London store. The project included cladding for the desk surface as well as the walls …

Concrete Wall Panels

Wembley Office Block lift lobby

Concrete Wall Panels

Barnes Project: Concrete Panel Walls

The modern office space wanted to continue the clean style that was started with the glass and wooden staircase. They found that the best way …

Textured Concrete Panels

Leeds Swimming Pool: Textured Wall Concrete Panels

Cool and contemporary concrete internal cladding project for a flagship London store. The project included cladding for the desk surface as well as the walls …

Bespoke Concrete Panels

Geneva Car Show: Mclaren

Wood Texture Concrete

Restaurant Paris: Wood texture concrete panels

Cool and contemporary concrete internal cladding project for a flagship London store. The project included cladding for the desk surface as well as the walls …

3D Concrete Cladding

Swimming Pool London: 3D Concrete Cladding

Swimming pool 3D concrete cladding London’: Those Black 3D concrete panels were installed around the swimming pool area… our 3D concrete collection is great for …

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