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Why Contexture?

We produce Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) cladding panels designed for a wide variety of architectural design requirements.

Whether you need a panel for an interior wall or for an exterior facade / external cladding, we have you covered. With our concrete cladding panels, you can create endless custom designs, textures, and colours for your installation.

Balenciaga's New London Store with shelves and stairs.

Contexture Group

Exterior Concrete Panels

Contexture Group

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Contexture Group

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Professional Cladding Specialists

Contexture Group manufactures glass-reinforced concrete panels (GRC) to all specifications. With over 50 years of experience, we have helped many clients meet their project needs with expert advice on the longevity of the chosen materials for your project and also the considerations of weight and installation.

Providing GRC concrete products across Europe & UK

We can provide our bespoke cladding solutions, prepared in the time frame you require and focused on delivering your projects on time and on budget. Our concrete cladding can be constructed in a number of shapes and sizes and we’ve got access to a wide range of finishes.

Custom Service For your project

We will assess your building design, plans, and load-bearing walls and make sure that it meets all of the structural and aesthetic requirements of your chosen precast concrete cladding. We encourage you to contact us early so that we can deliver you the best product experience.

Top Quality GRC Cladding

We’re committed to ensuring the highest standards in every aspect of the manufacturing process. Each stage of manufacture is inspected in accordance with approved guidelines. The final concrete product is always checked for accuracy.

High thermal performance

The use of several airtight layers within an insulated concrete panel in our concrete products can improve the ventilative energy efficiency of a building, while the internal skin of the panels provide good insulation to maintain stable temperatures within the structure.

Low maintenance

Concrete cladding offers the perfect solution for protecting occupants from the effect of external fires; it is non-combustible and prevents the spread of fire, making it ideal in situations where fire resistance is required.

The interior of Balenciaga's New London Store featuring concrete columns and shelves.
Textured Concrete Panels
Astoria Cladding
Internal Concrete Cladding

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Benefits of Concrete Cladding

We offer cost-effective, off-site solutions with minimal waste, high quality and fast production of precast concrete panels, meaning our production is not affected by weather or labour shortages.

Our skilled production and installation teams ensure that the concrete cladding panels are manufactured using the highest standards, and installed safely by experienced teams.


We offer a variety of finishes, textures, patterns and forms. We also design custom solutions from your choicer of cladding material.

You’ll be able to use our product for years to come thanks to the durability of concrete cladding. It’s also easy to reuse panels from the facade of old buildings, or recycle them when they’ve reached the end of their life.

Get in touch with our London Office

Get in touch with a member of our team to find out how much you can save by choosing Contexture group as your high-quality cladding specialists.


Concrete cladding is a type of construction material that consists of concrete and aggregate.

Concrete cladding is a type of construction material that consists of concrete and aggregate. Concrete serves to provide vertical stability, smooth finishes, noise insulation, thermal massing, opacity and is a source of u values.

Glass fibre reinforced concrete claddings are panels of glass fiber reinforced concrete and bonding agents, with surface layers of cementitious materials. The units are typically designed to be installed as a permanent wall, floor, or ceiling cladding.

Contexture’s precast panels are a great option for projects that need to be completed quickly. They can be installed in just one day, and the process is much easier than with other materials. They also have a long lifespan, which means you won’t have to worry about replacing them in the future.

Precast concrete cladding was first introduced during the industrial revolution in England. It has since been used in both commercial and residential buildings. The advantages of precast concrete cladding are that it can be installed faster and more efficiently than with other methods, it has a longer lifespan and is cost-effective.

Durable panels

Precast concrete cladding panels are durable and easy to install. They also provide a quick turnaround time of just a few weeks while other panel options can take months.

Quality concrete mixes ensures a quality finish

Precast concrete cladding panels are pre-mixed and so have a uniformity of mix that no other material could offer. They also ensure a quality finish and are cheaper in the long term.

Quick and easy to erect panels with scaffolding not required

Quick and easy to erect panels with scaffolding not required. This ensures that the product is quick and easy to install, as well as reducing the labour cost.

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Contexture Group - UK's Premium Concrete Cladding Specialists

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