Szucha: External Wall Cladding

External wall claddiing

About the Szucha: External Wall Cladding Project

The strong, architectural look of the exterior of this building is created by lightweight hollow concrete columns.

Produced in white concrete in sections up to 5 m long, these not only didn’t add excess weight to the building foundations but didn’t increase costs either.

Goal of the project

The designer requested large format white concrete cladding and fins to run vertically across the building, to present a striking design for its facade.

Techniques used in construction

Glass-reinforced concrete (GRC) – of 30mm panel thickness where installed using AGS system cladding technologies.

The fins were specially designed to be a hollow structure to make not only the installation easier, but also to save on the cost of the overall project and make the cladding lighter. For fins installation, we have specially designed brackets and fixing by the AGS team.

Challenges faced

It was a challenge to make the large format panels and fins which span between the floors. Also, the sections coming out on the top of the building were tricky. The larger fins and panels were up to 6m in length.

Highlight of the project

The large fins and panels give the amazing look to the building, it is breathtaking. It is one of those designs where you truly need to see it in person to appreciate its magnificence.

Type of cladding used

Glass re-enforced (GRC) 30mm concrete panels were used throughout the project, including the metal framing. We had stainless steel fixings 300×300 hollow fins up to 6 m length,

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Szucha: External Wall Cladding

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