Norbury Police Station: Concrete Wall Cladding

External wall caldding

About the Norbury Police Station: Concrete Wall Cladding Project

We worked closely with the architect and main contractor on this block of flats, located at the back of an old historic police station in Norbury.

For this new build project, we needed to copy the size and the colour of the concrete panels from the front of the building (police station) into the modern block of flats located at the rear.

Using Glass Reinforced Concrete

The main structure of the new building was a metal support structure, and a Metsec wall system, which gave Contexture the challenge to designing lightweight GRC panels (Glass fiber reinforced concrete) which were to be installed on to our rain screen system to achieve the fire rating of 120minutes.

We used a bespoke mix of concrete with slight variation in colour between the panels to get perfect result.

Matching an exact size

Our panels were the exact size as the original building (1000×400) with minimal spaces of 3 mm between the panels. In addition, we have also created all the surrounding windows and windows sill to match the concrete colour throughout the project.

Goal of the project

We were requested to match the new design with the existing stone cladding at the front of the building where the old police station is located.

Techniques used in construction

Glass-reinforced concrete was used (GRC) – 20mm panel thickness where installed using AGS system

Challenges faced

We received clear instructions from the architect to match the size and the colour of existing stone cladding at the front of the police station with minimal gaps between the panels …. the panels size 1000×400 with minimal 3mm gap.

Highlight of the project

We achieved an amazingly natural look of the concrete which looks identical to the old building we were matching it to.

Type of cladding used

GRC 20mm concrete panels

Norbury Police Station: Concrete Wall Cladding Gallery

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Norbury Police Station: Concrete Wall Cladding

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