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Custom Made Concrete Products

From concrete steps to flowerpots, we specialise in more than just concrete panels.

Our company works with many architects and designers to create one-off concrete projects. With our industry experience, there’s almost nothing we can’t develop.

Wide range of uses

Our workshop is highly skilled in the production of high-quality concrete works. We are able to make a multitude of different objects using this material, ranging from, benches, flower pots, worktops, bars, furniture, coffee tables and many more unique designer items.

Laser engraved Branded Concrete

We take branding to a whole new level, cutting your logo into both the top and bottom panel with our water jet or precision laser machine.  Precision branded panels can be used for both internal or external applications. As an element of our wall cladding panel system they can be included as part of a larger project, or as a standalone element for promotional purposes.

Custom Made Concrete Projects

OUR Projects
Concrete Benches

Glasgow shop fit-out: Concrete benches and flower planters

Glasgow shop fit out, benches and wall cladding’ : a recently completed project for one of our regular clients, involved concrete wall cladding, concrete planters, …

Concrete display for commercial use

Shop Fit-out London: Concrete Panel Walls & Desks

Cool and contemporary concrete internal cladding project for a flagship London store. The project included cladding for the desk surface as well as the walls …

Flower show for Cancer research

Concrete Patio

London terrace concrete patio

Concrete Planters

Concrete Planters

Bespoke Concrete Panels

Geneva Car Show: Mclaren

Concrete Steps & Landing